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This website is a place where I experiment with different technologies, both old and new. It is designed to be easy to maintain and preserve. It is written in XML which is transformed to HTML using XSLT 1.0, a W3C specification widely supported by modern web browsers. For future-proofing and to avoid recurrent computation, pages are statically generated before publishing using xsltproc, a command line tool that comes pre-installed with many operative systems, such as macOS.

The webpages of this site are served via IPFS and are optimized to be able to be pinned individually without loosing important aspects, such as the styling. Instead of being linked to a rented domain name, a PURL domain is available that always points to the latest version of the website.

This website also tries to be efficient in terms of data and energy consumption. It applies system font stacks in order to avoid additional network requests for downloading webfonts and save the energy required to parse them. It also minimizes energy and data usage by providing a minimal layout and avoiding the use of JavaScript code. It is available in dark mode, which is automatically selected based on your system’s appearance setting. This may also reduce the amount of energy consumed by some screens.

This website takes inspiration from works such as the Emergency Site and Jim Nielsen’s blog. SVG icons come from iconmonstr and have been optimized with SVGOMG, an open source web application created on top of SVGO that runs entirely in the browser. Images are optimized using Squoosh, an open source image compression web application that also runs fully on the client-side.

License #

Except as otherwise noted, content on this website is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) License and code is licensed under the MIT License.

In some cases, a page may include archive copies of content or links to content on a different website, which are not covered by the license, unless specifically noted. If you have any doubt, please write me an email.

The picture on the homepage was placed in the public domain by Jan V. White. It appears on the cover of his book “Graphic Design for the Electronic Age”.

Privacy #

This website consists of static web pages that do not place any cookies and do not collect analytics data, including with third-party soft­ware like Google Analytics.

This website can be accessed via IPFS or any HTTP Gateway. Currently, the PURL domain points to a dedicated HTTP Gateway managed by Pinata Technologies, Inc. and the PURL service is an initiative of the Internet Archive. Both may collect logs of visitor IP addresses to comply with legal obligations and to maintain the security and integrity of the services.

This website contains links to external websites outside of my control. These third party sites have separate and independent privacy policies that apply if you visit them. Pages on this website should not have embedded content (such as videos) from other websites that may col­lect data about you. If you find any issues, please write me an email.

This privacy policy was not written by a lawyer. Please note that this privacy policy can change without notice.