Web developer from Coimbra, Portugal working remotely at Union. Currently focused on the next version of our web application.

My name is David Francisco. I have been working as a full-stack developer since 2012. My primary focus is the front-end and design of the software platform we are building. Most of my work is not publicly available, but I create open source side-projects whenever possible. The following is a list of my favorites.

  1. List.community

    An easy way to browse curated lists on GitHub. Built with create-react-app, react-snap and Tailwind CSS.
  2. JS.coach Reborn

    Search for packages related to React, Babel, Webpack and PostCSS. Rewrite and redesign that lives as a static app on GitHub Pages.
  3. create-react-video

    NPM package to program simple videos with React. Based on react-scripts and powered by Electron.
  4. Disionáriu

    Type in english or tetun and get definitions and common phrases. Simple Ruby on Rails app with Postgres. Sponsored by DigitalOcean.
  5. Pixel Glasses

    Hackathon app that describes your surroundings using audio. Built using Microsoft Cognitive Service APIs and React Native.
  6. JS.coach Classic

    Search for packages related to React, Babel, Webpack and PostCSS. Built with React, PostCSS, Node.js and Ruby on Rails.
  7. React.parts

    A catalog of React components for both web and native. Built using React and PostCSS with help from Hubot and Dokku.
  8. React Icons

    A simple React component for icons using inline SVG. Demo includes icon set by the Polymer Team.
  9. Space Horse

    Web and desktop application for organizing knowledge. Written in JavaScript with React, Flux and NW.js.
  10. Jonymockup

    Simple tool for sharing mockups. Built with Polymer, uses shadow DOM and HTML imports.
  11. SpaceJunk

    An opinionated cloud-based TiddlyWiki setup. This is a proof-of-concept that uses Heroku and Dropbox.
  12. Gideo

    Minimal video player that loops and autoplays. Built on top of MediaElement.js.
  13. Blocks

    App for people interested in gathering self-knowledge. Built with AngularJS and Cordova.
  14. k▥

    Command-line tool for collaborative task boards that works offline. Uses Git as a database.
  15. Pomada

    Simple tool for the pomodoro technique. Can be used on the web, desktop and Chrome App.
  16. Appbase

    Web Platform for User-Centric Interoperable Applications. Uses Apache Wookie and Google Caja.
  17. Pagehub

    Proof-of-concept app to generate short URLs. Explores a redirection technique using iframes.
  18. slideshow.html

    Tool for creating presentations with HTML, JS and CSS. Written in Ruby.
  19. Escrito

    A collaborative writing tool that supports Markdown and Textile. Powered by Node.js and ShareJS.
  20. Desligado

    Support for disconnection and deferred updates for web apps. Uses Cache Manifest, WebSQL, Local Storage and Web Sockets.
  21. Scurry

    Toy programming language. Written with Python, PLY and LLVM.
  22. Activo

    A theme for data-driven, admin-like applications. Written in SASS for Ruby on Rails.